Return policy

Return policy for individuals / legal entities


CRIBER NET SRL offers its customers the product return service according to the internal policy and the legislation in force.

CRIBER NET SRL reserves the right to refuse a return if the return criteria are not fully met.



It is provided provided that:

  • the products are returned within a maximum of 30 calendar days from the purchase;
  • the original tax document (invoice / tax receipt) proving the purchase of the products in question (and the accompanying documents) is presented in original;
  • the products must be returned with all the accessories and the label intact (without traces of use, damage, impact);
  • the products have not benefited from another service such as: SPECIAL ORDER.



  • The product must be in new condition, free from wear, scratches, chipping, bumps, or defects caused by external shock.
  • The product must be returned in the original box, together with all the accessories received, the warranty certificate and a copy of the invoice.
  • All of this should be packed properly to protect it from damage during transport. Lack or damage to labels, markings on products may result in rejection of the return request.
  • Products purchased in the form of special packages or that benefit from other gift products cannot be returned individually but also in the form of a package or together with the gift product.

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the application of a compliance fee or the refusal of a return request. If the product is returned in a condition in which it can no longer be sold as new, we may request the value for return to the original condition. This decision will be communicated based on a technical finding of the returned product made by the CRIBER NET technical department .

The return of the value of the product is made by bank transfer, and we ask you to provide us with your IBAN account so that we can return your money.

The return request is made by email to:[email protected].

If you choose to return the value of the product, according to the law the amount is returned in maximum 14 days. For orders paid through a bank account, the return of the value of the product is possible only in the same account from which the payment was made, for orders paid with the card the return of the value of the products will be made by refund on the respective card.

Return shipping address: str. Gheorghe Caranfil, no. 13, loc. Săvinești, Neamț County, Romania, phone 0233280300. The customer will ship the products by courier, with the payment of transport to the sender.



  •  in cash, for the amounts paid in cash;
  • Note: In the case of legal entities, it is necessary for them to issue a receipt for the refund of the amount in cash (according to OMFP no. 2634/2015), otherwise the amount will be refunded through the bank;
  • by bank transfer, for payments made by bank (PO), including those paid by bank card (in case of request for return at a later date of sale);
  • by sending to the bank the request to cancel / redo the transaction, if the payment was made by bank card (if the products are returned on the same day as the payment was made).



CRIBER NET SRL processes personal data in accordance with the legal provisions for:

  • execution of the contract concluded with you, which also includes the return of the products / refund of the amounts as a result of the acceptance of the return service, according to the legal provisions / conditions mentioned above;
  • for compliance with the norms, legal regulations.

If there are no non-conformities and the products meet all the return conditions mentioned above, CRIBER NET SRL will proceed to prepare the applicable financial-accounting documents, in accordance with the legal provisions (return / advance invoice, clearing order, payment order , receipt). The data necessary for the elaboration of the above mentioned documents refer to: name, surname, domicile, bank account, as the case may be. We will use personal data for the purpose of preparing financial-accounting documents, according to the legal provisions in force. If you do not wish to provide this data, the return of the products is not possible even if they meet the return conditions set out above, as we are unable to comply with tax law.