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Founded in 1998, the 1st Criber company has determined a wave of new approaches in the field of treatment in Romania. The innovation was materialized in liquid purification and storage products, made from P.A.F.S. (fiberglass-reinforced polyesters). This material offers special qualities, clearly superior to those traditionally used in the field. The special competencies in this sector of activity are supported by approvals and quality certificates, recognized by the European forums. Our company has developed two more production divisions that have added value to our customers and collaborators. These are boats and products intended for agriculture. Also, the ISO 9001 certification together with numerous awards and distinctions, is a guarantee of the quality of the products manufactured by the company 1st Criber Romania.


Company / History

Out of the desire to offer quality services and a complete product portfolio, over time the 1st Criber company has had a real growth and recognition on the Romanian market. Following a natural development, the company's manager never stopped dreaming and building:


How we started

Criber Net S.R.L. was established on 11.08.1998 by the founder Cristian Berbece and started the activity by creating and providing computer programs, data maintenance and other activities related to the field of informatics, plus accounting records.


After a visit to Arad, the company's founder was impressed by the quality, flexibility and breaking strength of corrugated boards made of fiber, so he started a new field of activity - the production of fiberglass-reinforced polyester elements. Establishment of the first 1st Criber factory, built in a wooden and asbestos cement warehouse


The first bill

The first invoice for fiberglass reinforced polyester products, for 6-8 small tanks, issued to a PF customer from Piatra Neamț


Establishment of the second factory in a warehouse purchased from a neighbor in exchange for a Dacia Slipper. The first mold, which was actually a larger basin, in which an attempt was made to model this composite material.


The first purine tank, ordered by volunteers from France for a school in Romania


A new challenge from a retired ship's officer at a cottage in the Prahova Valley, who wanted a septic tank like the ones seen abroad


The first notable order from S.C. Dorna Lactate S.A., of 100 tanks with a volume of 5 m3. Opening a Google account and starting promotion in the online environment, which resulted in a visible increase in notoriety and number of orders. Following this action came the first orders from Bucharest.


Implementation of the Quality Management System - Reference standard: SR EN ISO 9001: 2001 - accredited by TUV Rheinland.


The first fish tank with a volume of 70 m3, with 12 sides. Certification of all products in accordance with European Standards, the company receiving the right to label products with the "CE" mark


The third factory is the place where the team and the projects developed for 8 years, in Pângărați. Implementation and certification of the occupational safety and health system, OHSAS 18001


The first pumping station with a diameter of 3 m and a height of 5 m, mounted in the groundwater at -1 m from ground level 0. The first tank made of composite material with a volume of 700 m3 - RMC 700 m3 semi-buried


The first station with a flow of 120 m3 / day


The first station with a flow of 300 m3 / day


CRM implementation, 1st Criber brand implementation, GRAFFITI Criber Competition, Second modular cylindrical tank with a volume of 700 m3 - RMC 700 underground, Participation in the INDAGRA International Agriculture Fair, 2013


The first flotation unit produced entirely by us, 70 employees, Participation in the International Agriculture Fair INDAGRA 2014


Participation in the El Camino pilgrimage route, 1st Criber site launch, Development of agro and boat product range


Reflecting the image of a dream come true, the fourth factory based in Săvinești, represents an extension of over 300% of production capacity, compared to the hall in Pângărați, being equipped according to the latest standards in the field, leading to a shorter delivery time and a better pricing policy. Nautical exhibition in the port of Bicaz. Launch of the Criber Nautics boat site


Participation in the Bucharest International Boat Show, concluded with the total sale of the exhibited products


launch new boat models: Bowrider and Transporter. Development of the portfolio with products made of PP / PPE. Construction of the underground modular cellar in P.A.F.S. Configuring the new Criber HOUSE prefabricated house concept


Accessing European funds for the expansion and development of production capacity. Commissioning of the first industrial wastewater treatment plant of 250 m3 / day. Manufacture of the first floating pontoon for bold water projects.


Reopening of the working point in Pângărați for the production of PP products


We are proud of an enthusiastic young team of specialists in the departments where each employee develops and acts with dedication, integrity and determination, to respond effectively to the most demanding projects and expectations from our customers and employees.

Mirela Câmpan Commercial Director
Otilia Hârțăscu Sales Consultant
Daniela Dan Sales Consultant
Ana-Maria Prian Sales Consultant
George Stan Sales Consultant
Onuț Cotoi Sales Consultant
Ana-Maria Drăniceriu Sales Consultant

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